iOS 10 Wishlist: Improved iCloud Drive and Document Picker

iOS 10 wishlist: Improved iCloud Drive and Document Picker

With released in iOS 8 Apple Introduced iCloud Drive and Document Picker, which allowed users to access files created using other apps. that gave us hope an improvement over Documents in the was warming up to bring file management capabilities to ios. when released in iOS 9 Apple included an app for iCloud Drive and Document Picker Drive, but my excitement was short lived as it wasn’t the file manager. However iOS 9 thankfully allows us to save or attach any type of file in emails. Ever since Apple launched the iPhone, one feature that has made it to our wish list is a file manager like Finder in OS X.

Improved iCloud Drive and Document Picker

You still have app-specific directories, and opening files from another app is still a very cumbersome and non-intuitive as you need to navigate to the directory and use the “Export to this location”.

Here are some of the features that I hope iOS 10 will bring to iCloud Drive and Document Picker:

  • We should have folders based on the type of document, so iCloud Drive and Document Picker is accessible by apps that support that document type, instead of having app-specific folders. That would reduce the need to export files to another app folder and greatly reduce the unnecessary duplication of files.
  • The possibility to open a file in iCloud Drive and Document Picker Drive using another app that supports that file type just like the “Open With” feature in Finder in OS X. It would reduce the complexity of exporting files to the app’s folder and then opening it from within the app.
  • Ability to rename files.

The ability to share photographs,vdeos, recordings, and connections to whatever other application without the need of the engineer implementing the element. The thought behind the Share and Action augmentations in iOS 8 was extraordinary, yet it has set aside quite a while for designers to include support for it. but it has taken a long time for developers to add support for it. It should be available natively as part of the operating system like Android.. For instance, we wouldn’t need to sit tight for 7 months for WhatsApp to include support for the Share expansion to share offer photographs,video, recordings, and connections right to WhatsApp from different applications.

  • The ability to view deleted and previous versions of our files for 30 days like Dropbox.


Our Wishlist for iOS 10 so far

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